Recessed vulva self correct after heat

If you would like to see an example of the surgery, there is a YouTube link available here. Can Metacam can cause kidney failure in cats? Thank you so much for your reply. I'm suspecting that she is pregnant. Weight management is also very important for the long-term management of the condition after the surgery; research indicates that post-surgical weight gain can lead to a recurrence of the condition.

Hypoplastic (Recessed) Vulva in Dogs

Diseases of the Vagina and Vulva

Our dog's incision is about 7" long with roughly 20 sutures. My husband looked at it and notice some yellow fluid at the tip and some irritation. Thank you Why does my dog's penis have puss on it? Add a comment to Sunny's experience. You may be asked to apply hot compresses to the area several times a day to help with pain and swelling.

UTIs, Spaying, Vulvas (what a topic, huh?!?)

No mention of having any experience with this condition or even knowing what it is. Yeast infections are common, and you can learn all about them here. You have to be equally firm in your own opinions sometimes in order to do what you think is best, despite the vet's push. Marie Why use an online vet? Why would a vet recommend that a dog undergo an episioplasty?
BinkysMom Gnawer Offline Posts: Now we are having the argument as to whether we should also have the surgery done at that point since the vet initially told us that spaying would most likely resolve the vaginitis issue. After that she had no discharge. The pups will also receive lots of human socialization. Additionally, high progesterone levels inhibit the ability of the muscles in the wall of the uterus to contract.

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